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Nancy Szokan published an article in The Washington Post yesterday entitled, “A look at the lives of American nurses.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/a-look-at-the-lives-of-american-nurses/2014/04/21/fea1fc0e-c419-11e3-bcec-b71ee10e9bc3_story.html

Ms. Szokan’s article describes the new documentary by Carolyn Jones – The American Nurse. The film follows her remarkable 2012 book of the same name. In looking at the lives and work of nurses, Ms. Jones has contributed to the important mission of presenting accurate portrayals of who we are and what we do. It is refreshing to see nurses honestly presented.

So often we are presented with distorted imagery. Nurses are sexualized, trivialized, infantilized and ignored by physician-centric television programs, naughty nurse costumes, little girl nursing gifts, silly hearts & teddy bears or invisibility. The American Nurse is a marvelous antidote to the virtue scripting, angel of mercy nonsense we so often see.

The film premiers during National Nurses Week, then will open nationwide. Go see it. Take your friends and family. Celebrate Nurses. Celebrate visibility. As Ms. Jones, states: At some point in our life each of us will encounter a nurse, whether it be as a patient or as a loved one. And that one encounter can mean the difference between suffering and peace; between chaos and order. Nurses matter.

For more information about the project: http://americannurseproject.com/
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